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Global Portfolio: A Case For Owning the World

Global Portfolio: A Case For Owning the World - Jeff Holland{2:30 minutes to read} Sometimes people look at their portfolios and wonder why they own international stocks, specifically in emerging markets. What they may not realize is that because they have a global portfolio, the assets within that portfolio are not always moving up or down in lock step. It could be said that these people are recency biased. Continue reading

Don’t Commit Financial Suicide

Don’t Commit Financial Suicide by Jeff HollandHaving an investment plan that you can stick with—through thick or thin—is very important. If you start to jump in and out, chasing recent performance, then your returns will suffer.

Volatility (price fluctuations), both up and down, are normal and inevitable. The challenge is to be able to live with the plan through good times and bad. Once you have a plan in place, stick with it. Continue reading

Sell in May and Go Away!

Sell in May and Go Away! by John MaguireApril showers bring May flowers.”

We have all heard this rhyme at various points in our lives. But how many of us are familiar with the investment adage to “Sell in May and Go Away?” This saying originated in England, and the most credible version was, “Sell in May and go away, do not return until St. Leger’s Day.” Established in 1776, St. Leger’s Day falls on the second Saturday in September and is famous to English horse racing fans as the final leg of Britain’s five Classics. Continue reading