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Find Shelter in a Globally Diversified Portfolio

As the saying goes, investing in real estate is all about location, location, location. Investing in a globally diversified equity stock market has a similar imperative: Patience, patience, patience.

Returns may or may not come when you want them to come, but successful investors are usually patient people. For example, when the S&P 500 had disappointing returns in the first decade (2000-2009), one would have had a less than zero return, yet that doesn’t mean it was a bad place to invest. Why? Simply put, it’s because we don’t know when the returns for asset classes will happen — but it may not offer any of the immediate gratification we’ve all come to expect in this society. 

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Global Portfolio: A Case For Owning the World

Global Portfolio: A Case For Owning the World - Jeff Holland{2:30 minutes to read} Sometimes people look at their portfolios and wonder why they own international stocks, specifically in emerging markets. What they may not realize is that because they have a global portfolio, the assets within that portfolio are not always moving up or down in lock step. It could be said that these people are recency biased. Continue reading