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Mindset Shift: Permanent Asset Ownership

At VIA IV investments, we consider ourselves permanent owners of our assets. When we buy an asset class, we consider owning it in perpetuity (of course with periodic rebalancing to keep our risk constant). 

If the market goes up or down, or if the news media makes some comments good or bad, our exposure to these assets is unchanged because they will always be part of our portfolios. 

One very public example of that played out recently, with media personality James Bianco in the middle of March. He was on CNBC when the market looked really bad. He made a statement that everybody should sell everything (again, this was in March 2020). 

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Protection through Diversification

The COVID-19 pandemic has rattled the market and put tremendous pressure on investors. VIA IV clients can be assured that they are protected through exceptionally diversified portfolios — which are invested in indexes around the globe. As a result, VIA IV clients are not exposed to the downturn of any specific company that permanently goes out of favor. When markets bounce, indices naturally follow. Single stocks don’t necessarily do the same.

That’s not the case for people who are not diversified. For example, an investor with all their money in restaurant stocks right now would not be a good place due to COVID-19 closures. Furthermore, when the economy recovers, those specific industries might not recover in the same way the overall market does.  

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An Update from VIAIV

We would like to update you on the measures we are taking to continue managing your investments effectively. 

While the spread of the coronavirus has had a significant impact on market volatility, markets are designed to handle uncertainty — prices quickly incorporate new information and reflect expectations about a company’s future risks and opportunities, including the potential impact from a viral outbreak. 

Our approach is to maintain globally diversified portfolios that are tilted towards factors that exhibit higher returns. We adhere to that approach in all market environments. Remember, we are investing for long-term needs.

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