It’s Just the Way the Market Works!

Stocks move on future news:

The market is an information processing machine, and there is a lot of information to process. Journalists will tell you why and what it is, which may or may not be related. Think of the market as a random walk. It’s randomly moving around, digesting the news, and over time, earnings grow, and then the stocks go up, but nobody knows in advance which stocks will be the winners. And in reality, the returns of the market overall are the handful of stocks that have exceptional gains and have been basically the winners in the market.

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When Headlines Worry You, Bank on Investment Principle

We’re pleased to share this article written by David Booth, Executive Chairman and Founder of Dimensional Fund Advisors. We utilize Dimensional’s mutual funds and ETFs as part of our portfolios.

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Three Ways to Stay the Course and Stay Calm During All Financial Market Cycles

Many pundits tell people that timing markets is an effective way to manage market cycles. Empirical and theoretical data show otherwise. What we’ve been sending to clients and people, which seems to resonate well and is supported by financial science, are three things that we think are important when investing:

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