Successful 401(k) Investing

Successful 401(k) Investing by Jeff HollandAt Via Four Investments, we can assist you with managing your 401k and other retirement savings. Your 401k is an important piece of your retirement planning tool box as the money it contains grows tax free. Helping you to save your money with the same academic rigour you would use for non-401k money. Having a financial professional involved allows investors to be more successful with the longer term investment of a 401k.

Often, employers provide 401k programs for their employees in order to attract more talented professionals. At Via Four Investments, we are independent and a fiduciary – we prudently take care of your money. Creating and managing 401k programs is a specialty of ours. If your workplace doesn’t have a 401k program, consider putting an individual IRA in place for yourself.

Though it can be difficult for people to think ahead 10 or 20 years, planning well now using a 401k, IRA or non-IRA vehicle will reap great benefits due to the power of compounding.

Think of investing like dieting: those who want to lose weight will be more successful with the assistance and motivation of a coach.  In the financial world, research shows that if you try and go it alone, it becomes almost impossible to successfully invest. ​

Find a qualified financial professional to help you best meet your future financial needs by planning today. Contact us to discuss your retirement planning and investment needs.

Jeff Holland

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