How Is Investing Like Flying An Airplane?

How is investing like flying an airplane? by Jeffrey Holland{2:15 minutes to read}  Successful investors look beyond a 5-year time frame when planning their investments.

In most cases, people do not have the ability to go through the investment process to create an incredibly diversified global portfolio, and stay with the program    long-term in order to get the desired results on their own. Most investors tend to give up too soon because they’re worried about day-to-day volatility and price changes, which is why hiring an advisor to create a portfolio and to coach them through those challenging moments is wise.

Think of investing like flying an airplane. With today’s technologies, almost anyone can fly and land an airplane, except when there are challenging situations such as turbulence. These are the moments when an experienced pilot is required. Everyone can invest, but not all can navigate the turbulence and filter out the noise that’s coming at them – which is exactly what an experienced investment advisor will do.

Investment advisors are similar to behavioral coaches – we can provide objectivity in addition to building diverse portfolios. People allow emotions to run their lives and often have difficulty being objective about their situation or dispassionate about their money.

Consider having an investment advisor like having an insurance policy; we help ensure your investments get from point A (initial investment) to point B (long-term goal). Contact us today to help ensure long-term investment success.

Jeff Holland

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