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How Are You Planning For Retirement?

Jeff Holland - How Are You Planning For Retirement?

Retirement preparation is about planning and adhering to the plan, which includes both saving and investing.

Many plan from the start to live on withdrawing 4% of their investable assets per year in retirement, which fluctuates as time goes on, according to the value of their account. This relatively small withdrawal rate can help insulate them from market declines because they know that amount is just 1/20th to 1/25th of their portfolio. Continue reading

Successful 401(k) Investing

Successful 401(k) Investing by Jeff HollandAt Via Four Investments, we can assist you with managing your 401k and other retirement savings. Your 401k is an important piece of your retirement planning tool box as the money it contains grows tax free. Helping you to save your money with the same academic rigour you would use for non-401k money. Having a financial professional involved allows investors to be more successful with the longer term investment of a 401k. Continue reading