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Do You Have Inflated Anxiety?

Clinton, or Trump? The Market Doesn’t Care by Jeff Holland

“We’re concerned about inflation. What should we do?”

We’ve been getting that question a lot lately, and my response is always to continue investing over the long term. Even though stocks may experience volatility, they are known to be a long-term protection against inflation.

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Ensure that Your Portfolio Is a Winner: Diversify!

Ensure that Your Portfolio Is a Winner: Diversify! by Jeff Holland{1:30 minutes to read} According to Nobel Prize winner and economist Harry Markowitz, diversification is the only “free lunch” in economics. The smartest investors diversify—by doing so, you drastically minimize risk and the potential sabotage of your financial future.

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Have You Rebalanced Your Portfolio Lately?

Have You Rebalanced Your Portfolio Lately? by Jeff Holland{2:30 minutes to read} Maintaining a healthy balance is important in many areas of life; you constantly monitor and make ongoing adjustments to your monthly finances, your health, etc. But did you know it’s just as important to maintain balance & consistency in your investment portfolio?

This adjustment is called “rebalancing.” Some people call it “pruning.” Just as you might prune a tree, you also need to prune off some of the returns of a high-performing fund, then plant some more seeds in the ones that have done less well over the last year.

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How Is Investing Like Flying An Airplane?

How is investing like flying an airplane? by Jeffrey Holland{2:15 minutes to read}  Successful investors look beyond a 5-year time frame when planning their investments.

In most cases, people do not have the ability to go through the investment process to create an incredibly diversified global portfolio, and stay with the program    long-term in order to get the desired results on their own. Most investors tend to give up too soon because they’re worried about day-to-day volatility and price changes, which is why hiring an advisor to create a portfolio and to coach them through those challenging moments is wise. Continue reading