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Is the Market TOO High?

Is the Market TOO High? by Jeff Holland{1:45 minutes to read} The market is a giant processing machine that sets prices by aggregating information from investors around the globe. Future, unknown news is what ultimately moves the market; therefore, the only way the market can be viewed as “too high” is with hindsight. We as people make new highs every day in our lives (our age).

Headline markets like the S&P or Dow Jones may appear too high—but really aren’t when viewed in the context of a diversified global portfolio.  

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Relax, the Year is Almost Over

Relax, the Year is Almost Over by Jeff Holland{1 minute to read} Enjoy the holiday season! The election is over. The year is almost over. Don’t think about your money. Let your money work for you. Markets are always priced to have a positive expected rate of return. The media and your neighbor or friend are always going to try to scare you or get you to do something. But you should follow the plan that you have in place.

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Trust Market Prices

Trust Market Prices by Jeff HollandDon’t let outside noise interfere with your long-term plan.

The market effectively enables competition among many market participants who voluntarily agree to transact. This trading aggregates a vast amount of dispersed information and drives it into security prices. In 2015, 98.6 million trades a day took place in World Equity Trading and the dollar volume was $447.3 billion a day. (Source: World Federation of Exchanges)

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