Relax, the Year is Almost Over

Relax, the Year is Almost Over by Jeff Holland{1 minute to read} Enjoy the holiday season! The election is over. The year is almost over. Don’t think about your money. Let your money work for you. Markets are always priced to have a positive expected rate of return. The media and your neighbor or friend are always going to try to scare you or get you to do something. But you should follow the plan that you have in place.

Election years are very stressful on both sides, and you may have been very passionate about your candidate. You may or may not like the president-elect, but the markets have already reacted to the presidential election and priced him into the market. You’ve been told to worry by the media for 11 months of the year about what’s going to happen. Now you should take the month off of worrying and let your plan and the markets work for youand do this in the future, too. And let the markets work for you, not against you.

The media wants you to keep your eyeballs on the TV or Facebook, etc., so that they can keep making advertising money. It’s never good news, and if you just glue your eyes to CNN all day, you’ll be miserable because it’s showing you outlying events somewhere in the world that are bad. Reduce your time listening to the news and the media and limit your exposure to financial news. And stick to your long-term investment plan, because it’s based on empirical research and the science of capital markets. You can relax because we’ve got your back.

Jeff Holland

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