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Post Election Market (Part 2)

In this article series, I’ll discuss post-election investing strategies and some of the things that are likely to affect it. In this installment, I’ll explore the presidential election and the financial flight plan.

Just like a pilot filing a plan with air traffic control in order to take you to another part of the world, we do the same thing in the investment space. We create a predetermined flight plan for your financial success, so that you get from your beginning to your destination with your assets serving you along the way — or whenever you want to start spending. 

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Lessons from 2016 Election: Invest, Don’t Predict

Lessons from 2016 Election: Invest, Don’t Predict by Jeff Holland{2 minutes to read} People often base their investments on their emotions and their predictions. What I want people to realize is that when you’re investing properly, you’re not really making any predictions. You’re using data and empirical research that incorporates information from market participants globally.

Predictions can seem very entertaining. They might even be fun, with a small stake of the money. But you only remember your correct predictions. Predictions can cause you to go off the rails and not achieve your financial goals. You should not base your portfolio on predictions. You want to succeed with your financial goals. And if you think you’re smart because you make an accurate prediction, remember you can also be wrong. As John Kenneth Galbraith said, “The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.”

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Clinton, or Trump? The Market Doesn’t Care

Clinton, or Trump? The Market Doesn’t Care by Jeff Holland{1:50 minutes to read} While the Presidential election is very important to the United States, its impact on one’s long term planning is zero.

The election is very contentious. People have their personal preference over the candidates. Many people despise Donald Trump, and many people despise Hillary Clinton.

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