Post Election Market (Part 2)

In this article series, I’ll discuss post-election investing strategies and some of the things that are likely to affect it. In this installment, I’ll explore the presidential election and the financial flight plan.

Just like a pilot filing a plan with air traffic control in order to take you to another part of the world, we do the same thing in the investment space. We create a predetermined flight plan for your financial success, so that you get from your beginning to your destination with your assets serving you along the way — or whenever you want to start spending. 

The important thing to know about the flight plan is that it doesn’t eliminate turbulence, but turbulence is factored into it. You should expect turbulence — and that’s okay — because we’ve created a long-term flight plan for your investment success.

One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t need to act financially based on your emotions. It’s said that people don’t make good financial decisions with their stomachs. However, you can make good decisions with your heart (such as a life partner) in your personal life, but we don’t hear people talk about their hearts telling them to sell the market, or to buy — it’s their gut/stomach which is not a reliable indicator of financial decisions. 

Try to remember that markets are forward looking. Today’s market moves are anticipating future news (6-9 months out). When you’re buying a stock or a group of stocks across the world, you’re really buying their earnings for the next 99+ years. Using current financial science puts the odds in your favor, setting you up in a situation that offers your best chance of success. 

It’s important to know that there will always be stress in the market. Always. However, when you’re out of the market, you will have that stress also. So why not have the stress in a place to grow your investment portfolio over time.

Jeff Holland | VIAIV

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