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Mitigating Panic and Embracing Calm: A Covid-19 Perspective For Investors

Let’s reexamine the past year, everything looked pretty dismal with COVID-19 in full force. There was no hint of a vaccine — just the knowledge that the public and private sector are ingenious enough to live up to our track record of defeating public health challenges.

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Post Election Market (Part 2)

In this article series, I’ll discuss post-election investing strategies and some of the things that are likely to affect it. In this installment, I’ll explore the presidential election and the financial flight plan.

Just like a pilot filing a plan with air traffic control in order to take you to another part of the world, we do the same thing in the investment space. We create a predetermined flight plan for your financial success, so that you get from your beginning to your destination with your assets serving you along the way — or whenever you want to start spending. 

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