The View from Your Perch

There’s an image in people’s minds of the stock market being a roller coaster. In other words, you start at one point, go through a wild ride with a lot of ups and downs, twists and turns, and then, at the end of the ride, you basically don’t feel well and end up in the same spot.

Since VIAIV uses financial science to our clients’ benefit, we believe investing in the stock market is more like climbing a mountain. When you climb a mountain, it may be uncomfortable at times:

  • You may need to traverse a cliff. 
  • The mosquitoes may be out in force.
  • You may have to take a break.

But at the end of a mountain climb, you actually get to a destination that is higher than where you were at the beginning. You got somewhere — which is like growing your money.

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Jeff Holland | VIAIV

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