Relax and Enjoy the Summer! There Will Always be Storms to Weather

Relax and Enjoy the Summer! There Will Always be Storms to Weather by Jeff HollandThe market, like almost everything in life, has cycles and seasons. But unlike weather patterns, the market’s seasons are not predictable.

Snow laden terrain and short days can be depressing; but, as long as we know that spring is on the horizon, the winter’s challenges are more easily accepted. The same is true for the market—expecting the market’s cycles and seasons will help you to manage your counterproductive emotions, particularly anxiety.

The truth is that time (not emotion) is ultimately your friend. With time, we all get smarter and wiser. By persevering, we all get richer too!

When you trust us to manage your money, we will also help you manage your emotions. For example, we know there inevitably will be a “correction” in global companies’ values. We cannot predict the precise timing—nobody else can either. To worry about this is counterproductive—there will always be storms to weather, and we will help you do it!

We understand that is it often hard to fight against the “noise” (Buy! Sell! Wait! Oh no!). The questions, doubts, and second-guesses become tormentors. But, there is no reason to question anything or worry about the cycles.

Just relax and enjoy the ride without letting the markets make you miserable.

With this takeaway, we encourage you to enjoy your summer! Try to drown out the noise of every financial media person who tries to lure the investor into doing the wrong thing.

Don’t worry; you’re covered with us and the extensive financial research and science that we use in our practice.

Jeff Holland

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