The Importance of Staying in the Market

The Importance of Staying in the Market by Jeff HollandThe world belongs to the optimists. No, really. Being able to see a positive future can get you through temporary turbulence, rewarding you in the long run.

When the markets crashed 6 years ago, many people withdrew. This is a common phenomenon; typically, people stay in the market when it’s good and leave when it’s bad.

But this is emotion-driven behavior. Logically, there is no advantage to exiting the market when it goes down. Public markets are fairly priced, meaning it’s not possible to systematically exploit them for excess returns. By their very nature, they are always fluctuating. To put a twist on a common adage, what goes down must come up.

Here at ViaFour, people stayed the course—even during the traumatic downturn of 2008 & 2009, when fears were high. Those individuals are now benefiting from the market’s recovery. Our financial advisors can help you determine in advance what the correct allocation should be in a globally diverse market. We help you create a portfolio with achievable goals, and when the market shifts, we help you rebalance your portfolio and keep you in the market.

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Jeff Holland

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